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It all started when...

I had my first baby (Aram) over four years ago.  I love to cook (and eat) a variety of foods and wanted to make sure that I would pass this adventurous attitude on to my son.  Aram was a puree eater and would try anything that I put in front of him. When we started solids and feeding homemade food, the experience was overwhelming.  What do I start with?  How much do I feed him?  Rice cereal, really? My pediatrician advised starting with rice cereal but why would I give it to my son if I wouldn’t even want to eat it!?  As he entered toddlerhood, I found some helpful shortcuts and started to master the homemade food game.  Or so I thought. 

In September of 2016, I had my second baby boy, Ellias. He was as different as could be from his big brother.  Ellias didn’t want a spoon of mush anywhere near him, and he wanted to feed himself.  There was even less in the market for him, and I had to work even harder to make sure he was eating a variety of foods.  

I knew there had to be a better, easier way for moms and dads. This is when I started my journey with FoodieKid. I received some amazing help along the way:  Nicole Silber, (RD and Pediatric Nutritionist) joined me, along with advisors Vreij Kolandjian and Susan Lyne.  

I could not be more excited to bring you Simple Starters, a nutritiously balanced and time-saving solution for delicious, organic and homemade baby food.  

Happy feeding,


Founder, FoodieKid