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Introducing Simple Starters



We give you pre-portioned, prepped, and flash frozen ingredients to lock in nutrients for fresh taste.  

You choose the texture and flavors that work for your little ones. Prepare smooth, chunky or as finger food.

Know exactly what your baby is eating with none of the hassle of homemade baby food. FoodieKid's Simple Starters is baby food, your way.


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Our Story

FoodieKid is baby food, created by Christine, a working mom in Brooklyn. Her own struggle to keep up with making homemade baby food inspired her journey to build a balanced, time-saving solution for parents.

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Simple Starters

FoodieKid’s Simple Starters make preparing homemade organic baby food easy by providing packets of flash-frozen, pre-portioned, and nutritious ingredients with flexible prep-options.  Simple Starters is food for babies of all stages.